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Aluminum Silicate Board

size: 1200/1000/900/600mm
Thickness: 10-100mm
Bulk density: 90-450kg/m³
Guide price US$: negotiate
Fire rating:Non combustion
Application: High temperature industry
MOQ: 1 / m2
Package: Inner plastic bag, outer carton
Shipping Port: Sea, air, express
Manufacturer: HaoChen company


Aluminum Silicate Board is made of special ceramic fiber through double needle-punching processing. The double needle-punching techniques improve the degree of fiber intertexture, and the performance of delamination resistance as well as tensile strength. The Ceramic fiber wool blanket does not contain any bonding agent and with the characteristics of stable chemical performance, resistance to the erosion of most chemicals, The physical property like refractory and insulation keep same when meet with oil, water or steam.


1. Low thermal conductivity, Low thermal capacity and excellent thermal insulation property.

2. High temperature stability, Resistance to thermal shock

3. Good tensile strength.

4. Corrosion resistance.

5. Excellent sound absorption, Fire protection and chemical corrosion resistance.


1. Low thermal conductivity, low heat storage

2. Excellent thermal stability and thermal shock resistance

3. Excellent tensile strength

4. Excellent thermal insulation, fire-proof and sound absorption


1. All kinds of industrial furnace (hot surface inner lining and backer)

(1) Iron and steel industry heating furnace, ladle cover, heat treatment furnace, soaking furnace.

(2) Industrial building material furnace, heating installation, high temperature pipe wall lining.

(3) Power boiler, gas turbine, nuclear heat insulation.

(4) Petrochemical industry high temperature reaction equipment and heating equipment heat preservation and heat insulation.

2. Building fire protection, thermal insulation, sound-absorbing.

3. Furnace expansion join and other high temperature sealing.

Household electrical appliances flame retardant insulation.

Aluminum Silicate Board
RemarkSpecial size can be customized

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Aluminum Silicate Board

Package and Delivery

Aluminum Silicate Board

Ceramic fiber blanket,Ceramic Fiber Board,Ceramic Fiber PipeThe packaging is in cartons or woven bags, and the quantity of each package is related to the thickness of the product according to the quantity of the product.

After the order is signed, the production task will be completed within 3-5 working days and delivered to the transportation department


Q: What packaging is used for rock wool board?

A: The commonly used packaging of rock wool board is plastic packaging

Q: Where Is Your Factory? Can I Visit Your factory?

A: Our factory is located in Dacheng County, Langfang City, Hebei Province, China. We warmly welcome you to visit our factory anytime. If you make an appointment with us before coming, we will arrange a car to bring you here from the airport or hotel.

Q: What is your price of your products?

A: Is That Price After Transportation Charge And Customs Charge?

Q: Our MOQ?

A: As long as the whole can be shipped

Q: What packaging is glass wool used for?

A: The glass wool board is packaged in plastic packaging, the glass wool blanket is a plastic bag inside and a woven bag outside.


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