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Aluminum silicate tube

size: φ18-610mm
Thickness: 30-200mm
Bulk density: 100-200kg/m³
Guide price US$: negotiate
Fire rating:Non combustion
Application: High temperature pipeline insulation
MOQ: 1 meter
Package: Woven bag
Shipping Port: Sea, air, express
Manufacturer: HaoChen company


Aluminum silicate tube
RemarkSpecial size can be customized

Manufacturing process

The aluminum silicate felt blank containing a suitable proportion of binder is sent to the tube coiler to roll the tube, and the shaped aluminum silicate fiber tube shell is formed after solidification. The special-shaped product is formed by placing the aluminum silicate felt blank containing the binder into a fixed mold.

When the ceramic fiber tube is used for the first time, when the temperature of the component exceeds 200 ℃, the aluminum silicate products will appear light smoke, which is the volatilization of the aluminum silicate binder, and the aluminum silicate products will turn brown in a short time. Operation 1- After 3 days, the aluminum silicate will naturally return to its original white color and will not affect the product quality in any way.

Aluminum silicate tube Features

1. Low shrinkage

2. High temperature resistant,

3. Light weight

4. Impact resistant

5. Sound absorption


1. Excellent compressive strength,

2. Low thermal conductivity and low heat storage

3. thermal shock resistance,

4. high dimensional accuracy, heating, cooling rapidly,

5. air flow scouring resistance,

6. resistance to thermal shock

7. Easy to install

Product Photos

Aluminum silicate tube

Package and Delivery

Aluminum silicate tube

Ceramic fiber blanket,Ceramic Fiber Board,Ceramic Fiber PipeThe packaging is in cartons or woven bags, and the quantity of each package is related to the thickness of the product according to the quantity of the product.

After the order is signed, the production task will be completed within 3-5 working days and delivered to the transportation department


Q: What packaging is used for rock wool board?

A: The commonly used packaging of rock wool board is plastic packaging

Q: Where Is Your Factory? Can I Visit Your factory?

A: Our factory is located in Dacheng County, Langfang City, Hebei Province, China. We warmly welcome you to visit our factory anytime. If you make an appointment with us before coming, we will arrange a car to bring you here from the airport or hotel.

Q: What is your price of your products?

A: Is That Price After Transportation Charge And Customs Charge?

Q: Our MOQ?

A: As long as the whole can be shipped

Q: What packaging is glass wool used for?

A: The glass wool board is packaged in plastic packaging, the glass wool blanket is a plastic bag inside and a woven bag outside.


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