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2" 8 Mineral Wool Insulation Board

May ,07 2022

The 2" 8 mineral wool board is an inorganic fiber board made of basalt as the main raw material and processed by high temperature melting. The rock wool board was successfully tested in June 1981. The rock wool board is a new type of thermal insulation, flame insulation and sound absorption material.

The artificial inorganic fibers processed by high temperature melting of rock wool board have the characteristics of light weight, low thermal conductivity, heat absorption and non-combustibility. The initial development is a common application type in construction and is mostly used in industrial buildings. It should meet the requirements of "Building Thermal Insulation Materials Application Types and Basic Requirements".

 2" 8 Mineral Wool Insulation Board

 Preparatory work before construction of mineral wool board:

1. Before construction, a special construction plan for energy conservation and heat preservation for the project should be prepared according to the design and the requirements of this regulation and related technical standards, and technical disclosure and professional technical training should be carried out for the construction personnel.

2. The construction of the rock wool board insulation system for energy-saving insulation projects shall be carried out in accordance with the approved construction drawing design documents and the approved energy-saving insulation special construction plan for the project.

3. The manufacturer of the rock wool board external thermal insulation system should have professionals to provide on-site guidance during the construction process, and cooperate with the construction unit and on-site supervision to do a good job in construction quality control.

4. Materials entering the site must pass the acceptance inspection according to the specifications, quantity and quality requirements before they can be put into storage, and should be kept by a special person, and it is strictly forbidden to stack them in the open air. Curtain wall rock wool boards should be stacked overhead to prevent moisture.