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Premium Rockwool Board Made in China

May ,07 2022

Rock wool boardoccupies more than 90% of the market using non-polar thermal insulation materials. At present, the number of users who use Chinese rock wool boards in the market is as high as 50%. Therefore, when organic thermal insulation materials are stagnant and wait-and-see, they are used as exterior walls that have reached the fire rating of Class A. The thermal insulation inorganic material rock wool has ushered in an unprecedented market opportunity. The Rock wool board made in China has a good sound insulation and heat preservation effect. This product mainly uses excellent natural volcanic rock as the main raw material. The mineral wool board also has slender and flexible fibers and low slag ball content. Therefore, the thermal conductivity is low, and it has an excellent thermal insulation effect. At the same time, a large number of slender fibers form a porous connection structure, which determines that Chinese rock wool is an excellent sound-absorbing and noise-reducing material.

Premium Rockwool Board Made in China

Mineral wool board (rock wool board) use the following precautions:

1. Pay attention to rain protection and do not work in rainy days.

2. For cold insulation, a moisture-proof layer must be added. Under the condition of particularly low temperature, rock wool without resin is used for heat insulation, and the moisture-proof layer must also be fireproof.

3. When the temperature exceeds a certain temperature, such as: 200 ℃, appropriate outer protection must be added to the insulation, so that the thickness and bulk density of the rock wool board will not change.

4. Regarding the thermal insulation of rock wool finished products for large-diameter and flat-wall equipment, when the temperature exceeds 200 °C, you must keep in mind the instructions of the Rock wool board manufacturer: add thermal insulation nails, and the outer protection should be tightly attached (about 400mm spacing).

5. Equipment, insulation nails and pipes that need to be insulated can be coated with appropriate coatings to facilitate anti-corrosion. Also, there should be no leakage. This can achieve better results.

6. The finished rock wool board should be covered with metal or plastic if it is subject to mechanical wear under the condition of outdoor insulation

7. When the insulation object is placed at 90 degrees and has a certain height, the insulation layer of the rock wool board must have positioning pins or support rings, and the distance must not be greater than 3 meters to prevent the insulation material from sliding down when there is vibration. .

8. In order to achieve the goal of minimum heat loss, the joints of the rock wool board and the felt must be tightly connected. If there are multiple layers of insulation, the cross joints need to be intertwined to avoid the formation of thermal bridges. Cold bridges must be avoided during cold insulation. .

When purchasing mineral wool boards, choose made in China.