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What material is mineral wool board

May ,07 2022

The rock wool board is made of 66% diabase, 20% limestone and 20% coke, melted in a high temperature furnace at 1500-2000℃, sprayed into filaments with a diameter of 0.005 mm, and then pressed into a bulk density of 80 Plates of ~1000 kg/m3. When cooled to about 200°C, phenolic resin is added to reduce the surface tension and make it water-retaining. In 1969, Danish rock wool began to be used in soilless culture, which is a new substrate in soilless culture. Now 80% of the soilless culture substrates in the Netherlands are rock wool. In the world's soilless culture, rock wool cultivation area ranks first

Mineral wool board is a sound insulation and sound absorption material

Inorganic fiber board made of rock wool board processed by high temperature melting is a new type of thermal insulation, flame-proof and sound-absorbing material. The artificial inorganic fibers processed by high temperature melting of rock wool board have the characteristics of light weight, low thermal conductivity, heat absorption and non-combustibility. The initial development is a common application type in construction and is mostly used in industrial buildings. It should meet the requirements of "Building Thermal Insulation Materials Application Types and Essential Requirements"